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  1. FOOD.

I  used  to  eat  out  a  lot  but  after  my  doctor  had  advised me  to lose weight I had to cut down on fried food.

That was particularly  had as I used to live on well-done steaks and French fries.

I also had  to  cut  all  foods  with  a  high  sugar  salt  or  fat  content  out  of my  diet.

Being  a  big  eater  I would  get  through  all  the  food I  was  served  up  and  even  manage  to  rustle  up  something  to eat  between  the  meals.

I  had  to  give  up  the  habit  as  well.

So now I’m reduced to eating in as I can’t stand the sight of happy people tucking in unhealthy though delicious bacon and pastry.


Cut down on fatty foods if you  want to lose weight.

Pregnant  women  are  advised to cut out alcohol.

I prefer  eating  in  on workday Evenings.

Nowadays  people  eat  out more often than they used to.

You  wouldn’t  believe  how much food he can get through  at one go.

Jake  has  decided  to  give  up Football.

My  son  practically  lives  on Crisps!

Call  the  taxi  and  I’ll  rustle  up some breakfast.

They serve up crap here!

The  ice  creams  came  and  the girls tucked in happily!


  1. TRAVEL.


Get away  from your hectic life and experience landmarks of Cairo

during  your    day  short  break  in  Egypt.

You’ll  be  able  to  see the main sights if you don’t mind packing your days out.

Day 1: Arrival Cairo / the Egyptian Museum

As  soon  as  your  flight  touches down  at  Cairo  International  Airport

your  personal  tour  guide  will  meet  and  escort  you  to  the hotel  and  help  to  check  in.

Now  you  are  ready  to  set  out  on your Cairo Tour.

The visit to the Egyptian Museum will easily take up the rest of your day.


Day 2: Giza / Cairo Tour

Visit  the  Pyramids  of  Giza   one  of  the  seven wonders  of  the  ancient


You’ll  start off early to avoid crowds and afternoon heat.

Lunch at Abu Tarek Koshary and enjoy the national cuisine.

Then  you’ll  continue  to  Old  Cairo  and  stop  off  to  see  two  of

the  earliest  sites  from  Islamic  Egypt    —  Amr  Ibn  Al-Aas Mosque

and  the  Nilometer.

Evening  free  to  explore  Khan  Khalili   Cairo’s old bazaar.


Day 3: Final Departure

You check out after breakfast.

Bid farewell to Egypt as your flight takes off from Cairo International Airport.




Has  Mrs  Lane  checked  in  at the hotel yet?

Don’t  forget  that  you  check out at noon.

I  like  to  get  away  from  Moscow at the weekend.

In  summer  tourists  pack  out our town.

We set out early  when  the traffic was still low.

We started off on our walking trip when it was still dark.

We  stopped  off  in  San  Antonio for a day.

I  can  spend  hours  watching the planes take off and land.

The new job takes up most of my time.

The  plane  touched  down  at Gatwick around midnight.


  1. HEALTH.

Influenza   commonly  known  as   the  flu    is  an  infectious  disease.

People can come down with the flu quite suddenly.

Usually the first  symptoms  of  the  disease  are  chills  and  fever.

The  person experiencing  chills  may  break  out  in  sweat  and  if  the  fever  is high he may even throw up or black out.


Many people experience   muscle  pains  that  won’t  ease  off  for  days.

The  nose  may be  runny   and  you may  find  yourself  fighting off  a  sore  throat.

Luckily the glands in the neck don’t swell up.

Getting over  the flu can take quite a long time and the illness may flare up again if the sick person doesn’t follow the doctor’s prescriptions.

Many people  complain  that  they  can’t  shake  off  cough  or  running nose for weeks.


For  a  few  seconds  I  thought I was going to black out.

My  whole  body  broke  out  in a rash.

Jenny  has  come  down  with a cold again.

Take  this  pill  and  the  pain  will ease off.

I must take this medicine as I am fighting off a cold.

Chronic  diseases  tend  to  flare up in spring and autumn.

Lucy  got  over  the  illness Quickly.

My  husband  can’t  seem  to shake off this fever.

In  the  evening  the  ankle swelled  up  and  the  pain  got worse.

The child threw up his dinner.

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